Wheat Spread Warning

Cash basis widening while futures are rallying.  This usually precludes another leg up.  Market needs to test 830 blowoff level in the next few weeks, so caution is recommended.  This smells so much like 1983, that I am digging out my charts. Advertisements

Wheat Consolidating

Wheat taking a break, but is considerably volatile. Plantings will be up considerably in the US with a 2.50 rally consolidating during decision period. Expect SRW plantings to exceed a crop of 450 for 2011 harvest.

Wheat Taking a Break

Wheat backed off to the 740s and is taking a breather after July parabolic move. Probably flagging for a higher move.

Stat Futures Welcome

Welcome to the Statistical Futures blog. I will discuss the wheat market and the futures industry.